Storm Oil is a family owned company dedicated to cleaner energy and fuel.  
We recycle all waste kitchen oil collected for biofuel feedstock.  
We are local, we are family run and we work hard to keep our clients looking sharp with cleaner pickups and better containers.

“Our investors felt better knowing we were involved in green initiatives. We feel proud to use Storm Oil knowing they recycle our waste for biofuel production.“

-Federal Realty Investment Trust


Our Vision.

At Storm Oil we believe that Waste Vegetable Oil Recycling is a great way to make a cleaner future for everyone.  Not only are we committed to being Green, but we are committed to providing the cleanest service in the industry.  We pride ourselves on cleaning the waste areas with every pickup and providing innovative custom designed and built steel containers made to minimize spillage and overflow of grease.  We want our clients to be proud of the service we provide and of the way their space is maintained.



Storm Oil picks up waste kitchen oil, filters it and sells it for biofuel feedstock. We offer free pressure washing of waste areas, custom designed and built steel collection containers with deep baskets and easy pour lip with spill guards.  For our waste oil clients we offer deep discounts on grease trap interceptor services as an added benefit to using our services.


Company Profile.